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New funding to support Shire seniors

Clever Care NOW receives IMB Bank Community Foundation funding to upgrade client and patient transport equipment to support seniors’ health and social connection.

Looking out the front window of her home, Sue eagerly waits for the Clever Care NOW assisted transport vehicle to roll up her driveway. The nurse/driver will take Sue to her family to join her granddaughter’s wedding celebration; an event she has been looking forward to for months.

Clever Care NOW (formerly known as Nurses on Wheels) assisted transport service is often the lifeline to the broader community for many aged, frail and wheelchair bound Australians.

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We all deserve independence and mobility

Taking part in meaningful social interaction and accessing health and every day services is important at any age, but especially as we age.

Mobility promotes healthy ageing as it relates to the basic human need for movement and participation in the community.

Clever Care NOW provides a reliable, safe and flexible service to transport people to and from medical appointments, hospital pre admissions and following discharge.

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Everyone deserves access to health care

The Australian government is urging all people with chronic health conditions not to neglect their health and see their general practitioner or specialist to manage their conditions. It is critical that people continue to manage their health throughout this health crisis, be it through the expanded telehealth network or in person.

In person appointments can be difficult for people who may have mobility restrictions or high medical needs.

Our Clever Care NOW patient transport service is available to take wheelchair or bed bound people to important medical and health appointments.

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Weddings – bringing generations together

We help bring generations together on your special wedding day.

There are many things that make a wedding special and none more than having a grandparent, elderly or wheelchair-bound loved-one with you.

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