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Post-operative care after a surgical procedure is important to ensure good recovery. The type and duration of care vary and consultation with your doctor is vital. Sometimes private nursing help is needed at home to recover.

Clever Care NOW offers a range of nursing services for all ages over 18.

We deliver pre and post-op care for day-surgery patients or extended care following major surgery. There are a variety of medical services that are available for you depending on the circumstances.

Our qualified private nurses can help you heal in the comfort of your home.

Clever Care offers a range of services to help you get back onto your feet. See our mobile physiotherapy services and more.

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    Wound Care

    Our private nursing service provides care for a variety of wounds. Our team of qualified nurses are specialists who remain updated in the latest clinical and care techniques to ensure your private nursing experience is comfortable and excellent.

    Personal Care

    If required, our private nurses can provide a range of showering and hygiene services to assist in regaining independence after surgery.

    Mastectomy Care

    Our private nurses can help with post-operative mastectomy care including dressings and drains.

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