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Staying fit, healthy and socially active is important at any age. Your physical health and social wellbeing are important to us. We strive to educate our local community on ways to live a healthier life. This is our way to help you make informed health decisions.

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Clever Ageing Expos

Our Clever Ageing Expos are dynamic events showcased held at local community and shopping centre venues in the St George Area and Sutherland Shire.

We showcase a range of health and wellbeing organisations who share up-to-date information about their services to inform and enhance your life.

We care about your physical health. See how else we may help you with our mobile physiotherapy services.

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Community Health Checks

Diet and genetic related diseases affect many Australians, particularly diabetes and heart disease.

Clever Care NOW supports the health of the community by providing regular blood pressure testing and blood sugar testing within our local area.

We offer quick and convenient testing at shopping centres, clubs and community events. We aim to educate you about the importance of regular health checks. The results are provided to you to discuss with your doctor if there are any concerns.

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