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New funding to support Shire seniors

Disability Transport - Assisted Transport

Clever Care NOW receives IMB Bank Community Foundation funding to upgrade client and patient transport equipment to support seniors’ health and social connection.

Looking out the front window of her home, Sue eagerly waits for the Clever Care NOW assisted transport vehicle to roll up her driveway. The nurse/driver will take Sue to her family to join her granddaughter’s wedding celebration; an event she has been looking forward to for months.

Clever Care NOW (formerly known as Nurses on Wheels) assisted transport service is often the lifeline to the broader community for many aged, frail and wheelchair bound Australians.

Assistance for those with mobility issues to attend medical appointments, visit family and friends and share important social events, empowers senior Australians to achieve fullness of life.

With a $8,550 funding boost from IMB Bank Community Foundation, close to 1,000 seniors living in and around the Sutherland Shire will benefit from the installation of more individualised equipment for three Clever Care NOW assisted transport vehicles.

Additional wheelchairs, ramps and secure bed supports will address the acute transport needs of patients and grant them independence to access their community.

“We are extremely grateful for the support IMB Bank Community Foundation has given Clever Care NOW,” said Client & Community Engagement Manager, Pam Collocott. “The funding will provide essential upgrades to our mobile transport services to support patient health, medical and social needs. It will also help us cater to growing demand in the local community.”

Now in its 21st year, IMB Bank Community Foundation is proud to have supported hundreds of community groups and projects across NSW and ACT, with over $10million donated since 1999; including over $300,00 to community groups in the Sutherland Shire. In 2020, the total amount given to community groups throughout NSW and the ACT by the IMB Bank Community Foundation totals over $400,000.