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Flu Vaccinations, Health Checks & Skin Checks
Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Our Clever Care NOW community health philosophy extends to the business community, offering extensive business health checks. We work with businesses to enhance their workplace wellbeing strategies.

Strong evidence shows that employee care boosts organisational health. Investing in programs likes business health checks is shown to enhance staff health, wellbeing and makes good business sense.

Your bussinesses physical health is important to us. We strive to educate businesses and their teams on ways to live a healthier life.

Our business health checks include flu vaccinations, health checks, and skin checks.

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Sutherland Nurse - Business Health Checks

Business Health Checks

Our Clever Care NOW Business Health Checks are designed to provide your team with a clear understanding of their current health and wellbeing levels. Our Health Checks including blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol testing are conducted in the convenience of your work place and each team member has access to their individual results at the completion of their check.

Business Flu Vaccinations

As well as our Business Health Checks, we provide Corporate Flu Vaccinations to businesses, community service organisations and large groups for a small fee in the convenience of your work place.

Flu vaccinations are administered by vaccination qualified nurses. We accept a minimum booking of 10 vaccinations and offer an easy to use online booking system.

Clever Care NOW is a registered charity. By keeping your team health and supporting us, we are able to give more back to the community.

Business Skin Checks

To help enhance your employee health and wellness benefits, our specialised qualified skin specialists can perform workplace onsite business skin checks to assist in the early detection of skin cancer for your employees.

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