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Assisted Transport - Seniors Transport - Disability Transport

With our assisted transport service we strive to ensure our community has the mobility and freedom to connect, stay social and participate in everyday activities or experiences. Our assisted transport service assists people who are frail, seniors, wheelchair or bed-bound to attend appointments, social outings, family events including weddings and funerals, special requests and end of life experiences.

Assisted Transport for End of Life

Our assisted transport service helps those nearing the end of their life to visit family or a special place. We can help make their final wish, one to be cherished by all with our friendly and caring staff at hand to help with all requirements.

Comfortable Travel Options

Our fully equipped, air-conditioned vehicles offer comfortable travel across Sydney and Interstate. With special modifications and equipment, we ensure that everyone that travels with us has their needs met. At Clever Care Now we aim to make your trip with us as easy and as streamlined as possible, providing not just a means of transport, but caring friendly staff to help with individual requirements and requests. No matter the length of the trip we are here to help, whether your destination is just a suburb away or much further, Clever Care Now has the facilities and equipment to make every trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Retain Your Mobility

For us at Clever Care Now, we recognise the importance that mobility and staying connected gives in providing a feeling of independence and autonomy. With our assisted travel service, we allow you to operate on your own with help at a moments notice if required. Fulfill your commitments, appointments, and visits without worrying about transport with Clever Care Now

Our thoughtful and caring professionals are on hand during each trip to assist with personal care and more if needed.

About Assisted Transport

Assisted Transport - Seniors Transport - Disability Transport
For Patient Transport bookings, please fill out the form below. Once we’ve received your enquiry, a member of our Patient Transport team will contact you shortly. Our knowledgeable staff are here to help and can answer all your questions.

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