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When is the best time of year to be vaccinated?

If you follow us on email or socials you would have read about the spike in summer flu this year. The overall increase in diagnosed cases of the Flu in NSW and across the nation compared to the same time last year (a whopping 300% increase in NSW!).

With all our talk about the flu, you may be wondering when the best time is to get a flu shot?

Strains of the influenza virus circulating around the community often change from year to year. This, plus the fact that flu vaccinations are relatively short lived in comparison to other vaccinations (such as tetanus), means it is important to be vaccinated against the flu each year.

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More people prone to the flu this year

There are yet more media reports and data to suggest we are in for a flu season much worse than last year with health experts urging people to have a flu vaccination.

Health Direct Australia suggests now is a very good time to be vaccinated. It can take two to three weeks after the vaccination to develop immunity. The flu season in Australia usually runs from June to September, peaking in August. Read more

Summer Flu!

There has been an unusually high number of people struck by the flu this summer. In fact, NSW Health reported 2,196 confirmed cases – almost three times the average for this time of year.

Influenza causes 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations in Australia each year. Research shows that people vaccinated against Influenza take 43% less sick leave compared to people that don’t*.

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