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The importance of Flu vaccinations this season

Corporate Flu Vaccination Sydney

This year it is even more important to be vigilant about Influenza. While a Flu vaccination does not prevent COVID-19, a Flu vaccination is critical to help protect the general health of the community from Influenza.

As reported by the Minister for Health and the Australian Chief Medical Officer, people of all ages who are vaccinated are less likely to get the flu and if they do, are less likely to have a severe case.

Fewer cases and fewer severe cases of the Flu will result in less demand on our health care system.

We have seen very strong demand for our Business Flu Vaccinations this year. It is pleasing to see the business community investing in their team’s health particularly during this health crisis and uncertain times.

We are taking extra hygiene and protective measures this Flu Vaccination season and are actively following social distancing instructions.

Although there are strong requirements for Australians to stay at home unless they are undertaking essential activities, it is permissible to leave home for medical or other health care needs including attending an appointment to receive a Flu vaccination.

Read the Department of Health’s article on Flu vaccinations.