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Flu vaccinations – helping protect the community

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A record 18 million flu vaccines were released across the country this Flu season, up from 13.2 million flu vaccines in 2019 , 11 million in 2018 and almost 10 million more than the 8.3 million flu vaccines provided in 2017*.

We have seen a huge uptake in our Clever Care NOW on-site workplace flu vaccination program this year – we estimate about a 53% increase from last year.

It has been great to see returning clients and many new clients investing in the health and well-being of their workforce.

Even with isolation and travel restrictions, businesses have made the flu vaccination programs a priority, continued with the program (many of which with hundreds of staff) and helped to protect their staff from Influenza this year.

Although the Flu vaccine does not protect against COVID-19, Influenza can cause respiratory illness. A combination of both diseases could be serious, especially for vulnerable people. Being vaccinated against Influenza, helps protect yourself and others and ensures the disease is less likely to be spread.

There has been a sharp reduction in influenza cases so far this year most likely due to the increase in flu vaccinations, lockdown measures and increased hygiene.

Compared to about the same time in 2019, flu-like symptoms are much lower in the population. FluTracking data captured in April showed historically low rates of reported fever and cough**.

The Australian Government encourages Australians to get the Flu vaccination this and each year as the virus changes year to year.


* Department of Health, Record flu vaccines in 2020 to protect Australians

** ABC News, Coronavirus isolation measures are reducing all flu-like diseases, not just COVID-19