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It’s still OK to have home care

In Home Care

Amongst uncertainty and change, there are also constants. Although many of us have made changes to our lifestyle and businesses as a result of the pandemic, here at CCN we are fortunate that our vital home nursing and assisted patient transport services continue. We assure you; it is still OK to have home care.

As changes in the community occur and as directed by the government and health departments, we continue to adapt our protocols and practices. We remain available to our clients and operating within guidelines following health and safety precautions.

This information sheet communicates the necessary measures taken, to ensure clients stay safe.

We take the added precautions as set out by the Secretary of NSW Health Elizabeth Hoff which requires all health workers to wear a surgical mask if they are within 1.5m of patients.

If any patients or their families have concerns over our health and safety precautions, please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.