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Long Standing Mobile Nursing Service

Our Clever Care NOW mobile nursing service has been in operation for 60 years. Originally Rockdale Community Mobile Nursing Service, we have been more commonly known as Nurses On Wheels before our change of name last year to Clever Care NOW.

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Step back in time

Last month we began our Clever Care NOW historical timeline to take us back to where it all began in 1959.  We now cast our minds to 1986 when we were still Rockdale Community Mobile Nursing Service.

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Where it all began

In celebration of our 60th year, we share with you some of our Nurses On Wheels / Clever Care NOW milestones. This month we take a look back to where it all began.

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We listen

Towards the end of last year, we surveyed our clients to understand what is working well in our organisation and what improvements we should make. As a result, we have incorporated some enhancements to some of our communications and processes.

We are happy to say, our clients value our nurses and admin staff and find them courteous, professional and are pleased that their privacy is respected.

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